Be a clown, be a clown, All the world loves a clown ~ Cole Porter


Artist: DarkMatteria

I like clowns.  There, I said it.  I’ve always liked clowns.  One of my earliest memories of clowns was at my grandmother’s home watching Bozo the Clown on WGN.  I’m not sure if it came on before or after Captain Kangaroo but it was there amidst shows like Bewitched and Lost in Space.   I think it is fair to say that I like all clowns.  I like juggling clowns, slapstick clowns, clowns in cars and even evil clowns.  In fact I think I like evil clowns the best.  There is something I like about the innocence and pure joy of a clown being peeled away to reveal something sinister.  I’ve always liked things that aren’t what they seem and subjects that make you question reality.  Clowns are people and some people are evil, therefore some clowns are evil (my logic professor would be so proud).

One of the things I like about evil clowns is their ability to scare you without gratuitous gore or cheap horror film tactics.  They just plain look creepy and scary, touching on your primal need to survive.  Twisty the Clown (pictured below) is currently one of the most evil clowns I have seen to date.  Featured on American Horror Story: Freak Show, Twisty has a heart breaking story that drove him to evil.  The character has incredible depth while not really having any dialogue.


I really like silent clowns.  A true master uses anything up to and including but not limited to facial expressions, makeup and props to entertain the audience.  Mr. Bean and Charlie Chaplin, while a lot of people don’t think of them as traditional clowns, are two examples of what I love about a silent clown.  Chaplin clearly had more depth than Atkinson (Mr. Bean), I think they both show great merit for clowning and acting as a whole.

Is there a clown type I don’t like?  I don’t really care for sad clowns.  The imagery just bums me out.  This is odd since I generally enjoy irony.


Considering the genre, basically circus clowns, sad clowns have their place for sure but I would much rather watch a happy clown.  Honestly I like clowns to have a range of emotions in their clowning tool box.

Is there a specific clown I don’t like? Ronald McDonald, I hate that dude.  I hate that he is an instrument of childhood obesity.


In fact, I can’t stand any clown that promotes things that are unhealthy in general, the obvious exception being evil clowns.

I recently found a string of evil clown pranks that are simply wrong and yet awesomely funny at the same time.  The clowns don’t speak they just do unspeakable things as random people wander onto the scene.  DM Pranks Productions does an excellent job of scaring the literal piss out of people.  Is it wrong?  Oh yes.  Is it awesome.  Oh yes.

Sad clown. Happy clown. Crying on the inside clown.  Evil killer clown.  Have you hugged a clown today?