Greetings from the hill country of Texas!  Finished up week 13 of Smolov Jr. bench adaptation this week!


So much to talk about today!  The last 13 weeks of flat bench press 3 – 4 times a week has been an intense and deeply learning process for me.  I learned that volume over time is much better than volume in short order.  In my early days of training much of my education came from muscle magazines like Muscle and Fitness.  My framework consisted of 8 – 10 sets of 8 – 10 and I concentrated on things like peak and eccentric contractions.  Basically a bodybuilding approach.  My coaches for track and field had me train like a power lifter so I had a power lifting frame work meshed up with a bodybuilding frame work that I believe gave me a decent physique and unusual strength base.  My training tended to be seasonally influenced and inconsistent.  I also did insane volume and lifted with little thought of safety or technique.  After all, I only really trained for two reasons:

  1. Discus throwing
  2. Girls

I entered the Army the summer after I graduated from high school and learned to do push ups, sit-ups and run two miles.  Those three exercises plus 6 – 12 calisthenic exercises were all the Army had to offer me from a fitness perspective.  Physical Training was seen as a individual responsibility and I didn’t get much guidance other than “run faster”.

Flash forward to my late 30s and I started to train again but now it was for one reason: to battle obesity.  This lead to a re-education in fitness and to where I am now.  My training still has two major focuses but they have changed:

  1. Become more powerful
  2. Raise my fitness level

I had been in a car accident and had shoulder surgery which lead me to avoiding bench press.  I did low weight speed work with bench but chose not to put a big load on my shoulders due to the damage from the car accident.  13 weeks ago my max “calculated” bench was 251. 7 weeks ago I hit 315 with a struggle.  Today I pushed 315 with the same effort I press 285.  In 1 week I will travel down to my buddy Mike’s gym, Crossfit Caminus and perform my final 1RM and produce some analysis on how the program improved my flat benching power.


I’ve been doing drills and will have a full discus/shot session Saturday.  I need to add 2 – 3 more days a week of throwing in preparation for the track meet at the end of the month.


Started a “Keto-Life” series of videos where I’m video blogging about my experience as I move into a hybrid keto/paleo nutritional lifestyle.  I’ve greatly simplified my diet and supplementation and have adopted 90% natural approach to nutrition that just happens to have keto and paleo elements to it.  Mostly it’s just the recipes.  My exceptions to the “no man made food” rule is  KETO//OS from Pruvit and my multivitamin.

Coming soon:

Part II of my review of KETO//OS from Pruvit should drop next week.  My next review after KETO//OS from Pruvit is of a product design change of Primo Chalk‘s chalk ball.

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