Wet Stones

et stones.  As I stand on my front porch watching the rain come down I ponder the coming season.  Like most highland games athletes I have various stones lying around.  The dark stone on the right in the picture is a moon stone,  it’s a bit shy of 16#,  weighing in at 15.6#s.  I absolutely love the moon stone, it has a great handle and really flies.  I think back to last season and my neighbors gawking at the bald headed bearded fellow rotationally throwing open stone in the front yard.  Life was and continues to be good.

This is a throwing season for me and by that I mean high volume drills and reasonably programmed throwing with lifting sprinkled in for good measure.  I think I’ll start throwing at lunch time again because that seems to be the only time I can fit it in.  There is a great field near my work where no one bothers me and I can really cut loose.  Last year I was able to throw weights for distance, stones and hammers during my lunch break.  I’ve been following a new program called ShiftFit.  The program basically takes 12 weeks to shift you through 4 weeks of capacity, strength and power training.  The idea is to build a great base on capacity, shift into strength and then put it all together by shifting into the power phase.  Capacity training is SERIOUSLY tough.  Coming from a power lifting background and then moving into the mostly anaerobic sport of highland games I find myself breathing hard a whole lot.  I finished the first two weeks and then had a wicked bout of illness and missed two weeks.  My whole house was sick for almost 3 weeks straight.

So here I am about to shift back into training mode at 98% health (I’m still a little congested).  I keep reminding myself that to meet my goals I have to put in the work.  My friend and fellow athlete Mike Baab once told me, “It’s called ‘putting in the work’ ” while assuring me that there were no shortcuts to greatness.  I took his words to heart and have endeavored to “put in the work” every chance I get.  Look out 2015 Highland Games Season, here I come!