Greetings from the hill country of Texas!  Finished up week 9 of Smolov Jr. bench adaptation today.  This has been one crazy rough week.  Since I’m pushing alone I’ve added heavy load rated cargo tie downs to my rack so if I miss a push I’ve got a spot.  This was a good move because I missed at 285lbs and the straps saved me from having to dump the weight on the floor and possible injury.


This week’s workouts included at least 1 – 2 drop sets per session due to failure.  I also learned a valuable lesson: I should not run and lift within the same 4 hour block.  As I gradually increase my runs I’m completed tapped within 2 hours of completing my runs.  I’ve decided not to run on days where I lift and it worked out well for me today.


My intention was to do some drills during the week but alas that did not happen.  Saturday morning I’m going to go for a run in the early morning followed by a quick shot put session.  Going to work the deconstructed progression followed by some full standing throws.  I may mark off 40 feet to gauge where I am this early in the year and then compare later on in December.  I may do some wind sprints following shot put just to wrap the week up nicely.


Food.  I’m sick of food.  I’m sick of preparing it and sick of eating it.  I joked with my buddy Mike that if I could just drink isopure  I think I would.  He said I should add some simple greens to the mix. HA!  I’m going to reach out to my friend Teresa and see if I can get some fresh insight and food ideas.


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