Midway through week 8 of the Smolov Jr. Bench adaptation.  My power training utlizing the Push Band has been just terrible.  The Push Band is a new tool in my fitness toolbox but I can’t seem to make the damn thing work right.  Today I had a minor injury during my bench power/velocity training.  Basically you start at a mid range weight and see where the velocity reads.  For optimal power the goal is to work out with weight that you can score a .7 to 1.0 m/s.   So I started at 185 and had a really low score of .18 so I moved to 225 and my score moved to .26.  Then I moved to 245 and my score moved to .24.  At 245 I missed the rack on my right side and the weight came down and hit the rack of 45s I have on that side.  I caught the weight and pushed it back up but felt a tiny little “pop” in my shoulder.  This pop felt much like any other pop that you get in joints when you’re not warmed up (gas).  I was not warmed up like I normally am and this was only my 3rd set.  I checked my range of motion and applied resistance at all angles and the shoulder feels fine.  I moved the weight to 275 and did 1 rep but it wasn’t my best effort for sure.  The point here is the Push Band wasn’t giving me accurate info and I nearly hurt myself trying to get the right score for optimal power/velocity.  Power and velocity is HUGE from a thrower’s perspective and when I’m doing my normal program I usually alternate strength and power for each week.

Long story short I think I’m going to have to flash the firmware on my Push Band and look to someone with more experience using the tool for guidance.


So my running is coming along nicely.  I’m using MapMyRun to track my runs.   It’s a really nice app that shows me elevation and course.  It also graphs out my pace so I can see how steady I am.  I noticed that I was having a big peak during the first two and last two minutes of my mile run so I slowed my pace a bit to flatten out the peaks.  This made for a stable run today.  Friday will be the 10th mile I have ran in two weeks.   I’m working my way up to 5 miles over the next few months and when I complete 1 work week of 5 mile runs I’m going to move to a 3 times a week schedule where I run 1, 3 and 5 miles on Mon/Tue/Sat.  So far my arthritic knees and ankles are doing really well.  My right knee has a little inflammation but no pain, just a little fluid.

Work has been crazy this week and I haven’t gotten to throws drills yet.   


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