I was recently appointed Chief Technology Officer for the Scottish Games League.  Being on the board of directors of not one but TWO non-profit organizations while maintaining a career in business intelligence as well as a wife and two little kids has proven to be challenging.  Tack on a crazy 45 minute to one hour commute to and from work and I’m surprised I haven’t cracked!

Excitement isn’t even a word that comes close to describing how I feel as we wrap up work on the SGL website that will be released on 1-15-2015.  As I type this blog update I really should be working on the SGL website.  I just wanted to take a moment and reflect on the past few months of work that brought together this awesome new league.  I am humbled by the wealth of knowledge and experience present in my fellow board members.  This is a truly special group of people that I have grown to love very much over the past few months.

As with all things Highland Games I am continuously amazed at how consistently awesome everyone is.   Through the SGL I am honored to know and work with great people from all over our great country.  This is an exciting time!