Wrapped up week four of the Smolov Jr. 13 week bench program.  It’s crazy how awesome my chest feels training it 4 times a week.  I’ve been sick for 2 weeks which is a real bummer.  Chest and sinus congestion just won’t go away.  It’s weird though, it started with chest congestion and then moved into my sinuses.  Breathing is a challenge for anything other than shallow breathes.  On the up side I’m not achy at all and I am coughing up the mucus so I think I’m close to full recovery.

Aside from my breathing issues I expected to be a week deep into my morning 1 mile runs but it’s just too hard to breath for running.  To complicate issues it’s also been in the teens temperature wise so trying to breath with bad congestion AND ice cold air is a no go.  I’m prepping to do some obstacle course races this year and part of my prep is to build up to 5 mile runs.  I’m really looking forward to doing OCR this year, it really reminds me of my time in the Army.

On a sponsorship note, Primo Chalk has kept me on as an Athlete Ambassador for another year and I couldn’t be happier.  This will be my third full year as an Athlete Ambassador for Primo Chalk and I’m really proud of the brand.  They truly do make some of the best chalk on the planet.  Give it a try and use my last name as your discount code when you check out and receive 20% off your first order!

Next week I start Week 5 of the Smolov Jr. program which leads into week 6 where I get to recalculate my 1RM and move into week 7 and the intense cycle.   After years of rotating programs it’s very nice to be doing something completely different.  I’m considering jumping into the Smolov Jr. squat program after I finish bench.   Throws drills start in a couple of weeks as I prep to throw shot and discus in several track meets this year.


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