I‘m always open to changing up my program and growing both physically and mentally.  I noticed a few of my friends we’re doing Smolov Jr for dead and squat so I figured I’d give the Smolov Jr bench a try.  It’s looks like this will be a fairly brutal 13 weeks of training and I can’t wait.  For the last 4 years I’ve avoided heavy bench due to some shoulder issues I have from a car accident I was in where I dislocated my left shoulder and nearly  my right.  I also tore the Labrum in my left shoulder.   Thanks to my friend Rob Monroe I was able to rehab the shoulders and now feel very confident in their strength and stability.

I’m starting off with a calculated bench of 251lbs.  My pre-accident bench max was 405 so I’ve got a lot of ground to make up.  I wasn’t going to share my 1RM because well, I’m embarrassed by it.   It’ll be very interesting to see where it is after 13 weeks!

On a side note I got my blood work back this week and I have almost NO SIGN of Diabetes!  My lipid panel was out of tolerance but in 3 months I’ll draw again and I think I’ll be back in normal ranges.  My protein/saturated fat intake was MUCH higher than normal for the last 3 months as I shifted into the ketogenic lifestyle.


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