2016 Birthday Post


Well today I turned 45.  I don’t really feel any different from 44.  What I am is surrounded by people who truly love me.  A while back I decided to take this week off for vacation.  It was a great idea because no one else at my company was taking time off so it was easy to schedule.  I’ve seen a couple of movies so far this week: Dr. Strange and Arrival.  I enjoyed both films very much.

The best part of this week (and possibly the most challenging) was my wife was able to take time off as well.  The kids still had school so the wife and I got the opportunity to spend time together and actually talk without being interrupted.  The challenging part of this is that since my wife and I get so little time together we kind of got on each others nerves…lol.

What’s in store for 2017 and my 46th year of existence?  Career-wise I expect to have another great year with Iconixx and hope to help grow the business by doing the best job I can helping run the IT Operations side of the business.  3 months ago I started my transformation journey towards leaning out to < 200lbs and raising my power, explosiveness and conditioning to never  before seen levels.  I plan on completing that journey in 2017.  I want to live around 195 pounds and enjoy the arthritis relief the lower weight will afford me.

Another great part of my birthday week has been lots of time with all four of my kids.  I’ve worked really hard to be the best Dad I can be but I have always felt like I could do better.  This week my kids really let me know how much I mean to them and how good a job I’ve done as their Dad over the years.  I really love being a Dad and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

On a side note, living a Ketogenic lifestyle is both very easy and very difficult.  Food prep and actual feeding are really easy but maintaining the lifestyle while living with people who do not is challenging.  I have 1 re-feed day a month but allowed my birthday week as some time off from a strict dietary approach.  EVERY time, without exception, that I allow myself to eat not so clean food I get VERY ill.  This just solidifies my decision to live the K-life.  My first re-feed day a couple of months ago went okay but my second day last month and then this week have literally just made me sick.  The issue is eating quality carbs but mentally I just wanted to eat some stuff that I missed.  Turns out this was a great idea because it made me very ill and really hammered good quality dietary practices into my head.

Last but certainly not least I’d like to thank all the wonderful people who have wished me a happy birthday!  THANK YOU!


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