Monthly Archives: May 2017


Greetings from the hill country of Texas!


Training has been hit or miss these past few weeks as I have concentrated almost entirely on running.  I’ve made a decision to cut down to 230lbs body weight and live around that weight.  This year has been about increasing my fitness level and I’m slowly doing just that.  Year to date I’ve completed a 10k, 5k and a Spartan Race: Sprint.  Diversifying my sport focus is really helping me be a better all around athlete.  The Spartan Race really zeroed in on my total body fitness.  I’ve been able to identify my weaknesses from an OCR perspective and apply that to accessories in my training program.  This week I’ll be redesigning my program and starting the assessment phase on Sunday.



I haven’t been throwing much but have still been doing drills.  A side effect of all this running is I’m MUCH more agile in the ring.


I’ve greatly simplified my diet and supplementation and have adopted 90% natural approach to nutrition that just happens to have keto and paleo elements to it.  Mostly it’s just the recipes.  My exceptions to the “no man made food” rule is  KETO//OS from Pruvit and my multivitamin.