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KETO//OS Review Part 1

KETO//OS Review


Claim: Keto//OS causes a state of nutritional ketosis in about 60 minutes

Order your Keto//OS and try for yourself: KETO//OS from Pruvit.

  • Taste: 4/5 stars – Tastes great with a mild yet not unpleasant after taste
  • Mixing: 4/5 stars – Mixes up smooth and easy
  • Efficacy: Inconclusive – Urine testing is not an accurate test for fast tracked ketosis.  Will test blood in part 2.


Ingredient breakdown:

  • Beta hydroxybutyrate – In humans, D-3-hydroxybutyrate is synthesized in the liver from acetoacetate, the first ketone produced in the fasting state. The biosynthesis is catalyzed by the enzyme beta-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase.
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides – Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are partially man-made fats. The name refers to the way the carbon atoms are arranged in their chemical structure. MCTs are generally made by processing coconut and palm kernel oils in the laboratory. Athletes sometimes use MCTs for nutritional support during training, as well as for decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass.
  • Nonfat Dry Milk
  • Disodium Phosphate – It is used in conjunction with trisodium phosphate in foods and water softening treatment. In foods, it is used to adjust pH. Its presence prevents coagulation in the preparation of condensed milk.
  • Natural Flavor
  • Malic Acid – Malic acid, when added to food products, is denoted by E number E296. Malic acid is the source of extreme tartness in United States-produced confectionery, the so-called extreme candy.
  • Stevia – Sweetener
  • Ascorbic Acid – Ascorbic Acid is Vitamin C. People who don’t meal plan correctly when eating a ketogenic diet may be deficient in Vitamin C so I’m guessing the Acorbic Acid is meant to supplement Vitamin C.  It may work in conjunction with the beta hydroxybutyrate to increase the efficacy of the supplement.

I believe the Keto//OS supplement “tricks” the body into thinking it’s in a state of fasting or low carb intake and switches gears into the start of nutritional ketosis.  This happens due to the presence of beta hydroxybutyrate that comes from acetoacetate, the first ketone produced in the fasting state.


Greetings from the hill country of Texas!  Finished up week 10 of Smolov Jr. bench adaptation on Friday last week.  The weeks keep getting tougher and tougher.


Week 11 day 1 was my first real failure in the program.  I made it through the first 3 lifts: 190×3, 220×3, 255×3 and then I was supposed to do 5 sets of 285×5.  I failed on my first rep of 285, dropped to 265 and couldn’t un-rack the weight.  I was physically exhausted so rather than drop the weight again I opted to exit the workout.  It’s important to listen to your body and my body just said no.  Mentally I just wasn’t present either.  This was really the worst workout I think I’ve ever attempted and it really was just me being both mentally and physically spent.  On the upside I feel much better today after getting a good 8-9 hours sleep.


I didn’t throw this week but did manage to do some drills.  I was most impressed with my full rotation, it felt smooth and natural.  My first track meet of the year is on March 26th so i’m really looking forward to slinging some discus and shot!


My relationship with food is continuing to deteriorate.  I’ve decided to move back to a ketogenic/paleo hybrid approach and feel good again.  My blood work post keto was fantastic from a type II diabetes perspective and I believe that with a little tweaking I can just move to the the keto/paleo lifestyle permanently.


Coming soon:

I will be posting a review of a ketone supplement called KETO//OS from Pruvit.  I’m excited about this product as it showed excellent preliminary results.  Pruvit has agreed to supply me with a week’s worth of supplement so I can do a more comprehensive review.  No they aren’t paying me anything, it’s just a passion of mine and I think their product could change the way people approach weight control.


Greetings from the hill country of Texas!  Finished up week 9 of Smolov Jr. bench adaptation today.  This has been one crazy rough week.  Since I’m pushing alone I’ve added heavy load rated cargo tie downs to my rack so if I miss a push I’ve got a spot.  This was a good move because I missed at 285lbs and the straps saved me from having to dump the weight on the floor and possible injury.


This week’s workouts included at least 1 – 2 drop sets per session due to failure.  I also learned a valuable lesson: I should not run and lift within the same 4 hour block.  As I gradually increase my runs I’m completed tapped within 2 hours of completing my runs.  I’ve decided not to run on days where I lift and it worked out well for me today.


My intention was to do some drills during the week but alas that did not happen.  Saturday morning I’m going to go for a run in the early morning followed by a quick shot put session.  Going to work the deconstructed progression followed by some full standing throws.  I may mark off 40 feet to gauge where I am this early in the year and then compare later on in December.  I may do some wind sprints following shot put just to wrap the week up nicely.


Food.  I’m sick of food.  I’m sick of preparing it and sick of eating it.  I joked with my buddy Mike that if I could just drink isopure  I think I would.  He said I should add some simple greens to the mix. HA!  I’m going to reach out to my friend Teresa and see if I can get some fresh insight and food ideas.



Greetings from the hill country of Texas!   I thought I’d take a moment to talk about nutrition at the top of my blog post instead of the bottom.  This is a long post so thanks ahead time for reading through to bottom.


I’m moving back into a meal plan based on ingredient quality and also on ratios.  Put simply I’ll be eating roughly 15% protein, 20% carbs and 65% fat which is a basic Paleo approach that should work well with my Type II Diabetes.  I have found the Ketogenic approach to have some side effects that I’d rather not deal with.  I’m kicking around the idea of doing a  nutritional restart program to solidify the diet plan and give me a base for meal planning moving forward but for now I’ll just use ratios and clean eating as my base.


I had a throws practice on Saturday where my buddy Terry and I worked the standing throw using a “deconstructed progression drill”.  Another buddy of mine, named BJ Ketchum, gave me this shot put drill but didn’t name it so I coined “deconstructed progression drill”.  The drill is pretty straight forward.  You get into the power position without a shot put in your hand and drop back so all of your weight is over your trailing foot.   Reach up into the direction of your throw, clear the reach by pulling down into the block, rotate your trailing foot in unison with your reach arm’s elbow and set up the stretch reflex across your chest while still retaining separation.  Put the imaginary shot put keeping a big chest and “climbing” the front leg.  Basically you are splitting this up into small manageable pieces for 3 reps.  Next add the shot put for 3 more reps just dropping it at the put.  Lastly, increase the speed gradually over 3 more reps and then finish up with 3 full speed standing throws.  For the next few practices I’ll only be doing standing throws in an effort to make my finish is rock solid before I move to rotational throwing.  I’m using a similar approach to discus.  The point here is that I’m going back to basic throwing mechanics and building a new base.  I will say this, my very last standing shot put throw was very near my PR for full throws so I think the bench program is helping.  I feel like my general athleticism, power, strength and skill are finally starting to come together.



I finished week 8 (de-load week) of the Smolov Jr. bench press adaptation and I feel fantastic!  My right shoulder is also fully recovered from the rack mishap earlier this week and felt pretty good throwing shot put on Saturday.  Overall my body feels pretty good and I’m ready to take on the Intense Cycle of the Smolov Jr.

Thanks for reading my blog!

So here is what my next 4 weeks look like:




Midway through week 8 of the Smolov Jr. Bench adaptation.  My power training utlizing the Push Band has been just terrible.  The Push Band is a new tool in my fitness toolbox but I can’t seem to make the damn thing work right.  Today I had a minor injury during my bench power/velocity training.  Basically you start at a mid range weight and see where the velocity reads.  For optimal power the goal is to work out with weight that you can score a .7 to 1.0 m/s.   So I started at 185 and had a really low score of .18 so I moved to 225 and my score moved to .26.  Then I moved to 245 and my score moved to .24.  At 245 I missed the rack on my right side and the weight came down and hit the rack of 45s I have on that side.  I caught the weight and pushed it back up but felt a tiny little “pop” in my shoulder.  This pop felt much like any other pop that you get in joints when you’re not warmed up (gas).  I was not warmed up like I normally am and this was only my 3rd set.  I checked my range of motion and applied resistance at all angles and the shoulder feels fine.  I moved the weight to 275 and did 1 rep but it wasn’t my best effort for sure.  The point here is the Push Band wasn’t giving me accurate info and I nearly hurt myself trying to get the right score for optimal power/velocity.  Power and velocity is HUGE from a thrower’s perspective and when I’m doing my normal program I usually alternate strength and power for each week.

Long story short I think I’m going to have to flash the firmware on my Push Band and look to someone with more experience using the tool for guidance.


So my running is coming along nicely.  I’m using MapMyRun to track my runs.   It’s a really nice app that shows me elevation and course.  It also graphs out my pace so I can see how steady I am.  I noticed that I was having a big peak during the first two and last two minutes of my mile run so I slowed my pace a bit to flatten out the peaks.  This made for a stable run today.  Friday will be the 10th mile I have ran in two weeks.   I’m working my way up to 5 miles over the next few months and when I complete 1 work week of 5 mile runs I’m going to move to a 3 times a week schedule where I run 1, 3 and 5 miles on Mon/Tue/Sat.  So far my arthritic knees and ankles are doing really well.  My right knee has a little inflammation but no pain, just a little fluid.

Work has been crazy this week and I haven’t gotten to throws drills yet.